About ETG


Embrace Catering HistoryEmbrace the Grape Beverage Catering was born from a true need. Liquor retailers can not service many events or event halls because of licensing limitations. If that’s not frustrating enough, we found gobs of food caterers who don’t hold liquor licenses because they don’t want to deal with the regulations and licensing. ETG jumps in the middle to fill the void. Choose the caterer you want for food, and then let us take care of the bar. We know alcohol, the regulations and the pitfalls. Our experience will give you peace of mind.


Embrace Catering PhilosophyHow would we like to be treated? That’s the overriding question we answer when working with our clients. That answer prevails. One of our owners has spent 10 years in the wedding business, so if you are a bride looking for someone who understands how important your big day is, look no longer. We get it. We also understand that company parties are a gift to each employee. City wide events and festivals require a different kind of talent. We have that too.


Embrace Catering FlexibilityLet’s talk about your budget and the need to stay within it. As we format the details for your event, we’ll talk about the differences and advantages of a hosted bar vs a cash bar or a combination of the two. Our bars can be tailored by product type (beer, wine, liquor) or exact brands (Bud Light, Bogle Merlot, Absolut Vodka).

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