Pricing Details

ETG PricingBy now you know, Embrace the Grape is not a cookie cutter operation! We customize each package with your budget, vision and product mix in mind. So there is no bar set up exactly like another. That’s why we’ve expanded your options for structuring your bar!

We have by the head packages which start at $15.00 per head serving beer and wine for 4 hours.  From there, you can add in additional hours, expand your offerings to include mixed drinks, signature drinks, champagne toasts, etc and upgrade from plastic ware to glassware.

For lighter drinking crowds, we still offer consumption bars where you pay for exactly what is consumed.  It’s like running a tab at a traditional bar.  This is a great option for events where there will be a large percentage of people who do not drink alcohol at all.  Because we do charge for every adult in the room in our by the head packages, the consumption model keeps your budget in line with the guests who will actually enjoy some “cheer”.

If you gauge your guests to be higher than a 4 on a 1 to 10 scale of thirstiness (1 being low), we recommend the by the head option.  That way there are no worries about running out of alcohol.  Embrace the Grape will handle all the details!

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