agree on the details

How to Set Up a Full Service Bar in Kansas City

how to set up a full service bar in kc

The bar is our area of expertise and after more than 10 years, we’ve seen all types of bar set ups and budgets. Each event, big or small, requires coordination, detailed planning and hours of setup before guests arrive. 

Basically, here's the gist.

1. Agree on the details

When we are selected as the full service bartending company for an event, we take care of every detail from the number of bartenders needed to the menu. Each client has a different vision and expectations. We work to cover every detail behind the bar to fit each unique event.

agree on the details
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2. Stock the warehouse

We are typically preparing for multiple events at once. There are times where each area of our warehouse is sectioned off so we can visibly see, and double check, the inventory we have for each event in the upcoming week. 

stock the warehouse

3. Load the vehicles and arrive onsite

Our bartenders are dedicated, fun and organized. While our guests may only see them behind the bar, they actually start working behind the scenes several hours before an event. Our crew will load the inventory into our fleet of vehicles and arrive onsite early so the bar is set and ready when guests arrive. 

load vehicles and arrive onsite
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4. Stock the bar and prep signature cocktails  

Depending on what our client has requested, we'll begin setting up the bar. Sometimes, this means prepping fancy cuts of fruit and signature drinks. Other times, this means prepping the client's favorite alcohols, mixers, beer and wine. 

stock the bar and prep signature cocktails
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5. Bring our A game to offer the best service

Our bartenders are experienced. Not only with making delicious drinks, but with doing so with a smile. Each guest is treated with kindness and offered quick and friendly service.

bring our a game to offer the best service
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6. Clean up and travel back to the warehouse

The not-so-glamorous part of bartending is the clean up. Our team leaves the event space how we found it. We load up the vehicles and travel back to the warehouse to ensure all leftover inventory is properly unloaded and stocked so we are ready for the next day of events. 

clean up and travel back to the warehouse
Photo credit: Mackenzie Nichole Photography

Recently, we hosted a full service custom bar at the Big Brothers Big Sisters RISE event in Kansas City for 1,200+ people. With 8 bar locations and 17 Embrace the Grape bartenders, we thought it'd be fun to share some of our behind the scenes footage. Check it out here!

There you have it. This is what it takes to set up the bar. Each event is unique, and that is one of many things we love about our work.